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 9806e457af52e617d95b384667656005Personalized treatment, competent professionals and spaces dedicated to the three principles of Health, Nutrition and Beauty. Groves, birds and animals, native plants and clean air inside 330 000 m² (or 3 552 090 ft²). A true haven that doesn’t forget the refinement and attention that each guest deserves. Be at ease, for your pet shall receive all the pampering we have to offer. Your beloved pet is welcome here, since Unique Garden is Pet Friendly.


Unique Garden, a great dream come true

"Here we can purify our body and soul since, in this huge garden, we are always discovering, daily, new insights about wonder and enlightenment."

The phrase above summarizes Unique Garden, according to its visionary, Victor Siaulys. The desire to create a space where people could bring body, mind and spirit into harmony, gaining serenity, peace and synergy, was a passionate dream that has come true. With this concept, he idealized and built Unique Garden. A truly unique space where time always flows in favor of its guests. Each space and each spot has been carefully thought out and planned to provide the best for all of our guests.

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Mara Siaulys Community Center

The personal and professional growth of the families residing around the hotel’s area are of the primary focus of the activities taking place in Mara Siaulys Community Center. Since its inception, this association is a reference point for the community, which is serviced by projects that focus on caring, living together and professional and social development.


Thanks to its location and the pioneering work of its founder, Unique Garden stands as a beacon of sustainability when it comes to the environment. The construction project, built upon an aquifer over 2 billion years old without harming nature, has made the hotel a haven for a large variety of plants and animals.
Only in Unique Garden, pure water, rich in silicon and zinc, extracted from wells over 300 meters (984 feet) deep. A veritable natural balm for hydrating your body and face.

The gardens are the centerpiece of Unique Garden, their beauty and lavender scent perfuming and embellishing every part of the hotel. Brought from Europe by the hotel’s founder, the entrepreneurial Victor Siaulys, lavender can be found in the lodges, the SPA treatments, and also in many dishes of fine cuisine.
Just like the gardens, the herb and vegetable gardens, the greenhouses, and the many groves and lakes come together to assemble a landscape where nature is respected in all of its cycles.
This experience and the respect for the environment were decisive to make the hotel a preservation organization, authorized by Brazil’s IBAMA. Endangered species and rare birds, rescued by the institute, find here the care they need to survive.
Waste sorting and environmental-friendly practices for growing vegetables, herbs and fruits are hallmarks of sustainability present in the hotel since its inception. In return, nature bestows upon our guests clean air, pleasant weather, starry nights, mineral water springs, and plants, flowers, and exquisitely beautiful animals.

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All 27 lodges in Unique Garden, reserved for few and privileged guests, offer a tranquil atmosphere and added sophistication. All in the right measures for your greater comfort.
The villas and lodges, located strategically, are surrounded by flowered gardens, with ample spaces and privacy. Navigate and choose. Lodges with Jacuzzi, solarium, Ofuro baths and fireplace.



Pandora SPA is the center that encompasses all treatments and therapies, created with a focus on rest and relaxation, under the supervision of a team of specialized professionals. In all settings we celebrate well-being, improve health, recognize beauty and renew energies. The treatments and therapies have been created based on Ayurveda medicine, Chinese medicine, European and American techniques.

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Unique Garden has been awarded the Green Kitchen seal of approval, certifying the highest standards of organic ingredients, sown and grown in appropriate greenhouses. Taste the freshness of organic fruits and vegetables from our greenhouses, and also healthy ingredients such as pure olive oil and functional grains. The award-winning Chef Daniel Aquino has developed a tasteful menu inspired by Mediterranean Cuisine.
If you are looking for weight control or for an exquisite gourmet experience, nutritionist Bárbara Gilli and Chef Daniel will identify your needs and preferences so as to compose a truly extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

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